Tour 1: Off Road Into The Backcountry

Off Road Auto Tours – 3 person minimum

  • Half Day – $109.00 w/drink & snack
  • Full Day – $149.00 w/lunch

*May be a 20% cancellation fee for tours canceled 7 days before tour date

1) The tour with a little bit of everything. There are various routes to choose on a Salmon River canyon tour; ghost towns, gold mines, hot springs, water falls, scenic streams, Indian paintings, fishing, hiking and history. Abundant wildlife include Rocky Mountain big horn sheep, mountain goats, elk and a large variety of other wildlife. This is a photographers gold mine.

2) This is an Idaho-Montana tour to an old town with lots of history, scenic beauty, lakes, streams, hiking, and a beaver pond. Enjoy the continental divide and the Big Hole in Montana. Visit the old western town of Wisdom, Montana. From there, visit the Trail of Tears where Chief Joseph and the Nez Perce battled, and then back over the beautiful Lost Trail Pass.

3) Step back into history and follow the route Lewis & Clark used during their epic journey. Lemhi county is the birthplace of Sacajawea and you can see where she was born and reunited with her brother.

Other Backcountry Tour packages are available to visit scenic lookouts, hot springs, the jagged peaks of the Continental Divide, and much more. All are 3 person minimum tours.